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No Tears for Sandrine

The murder of a woman, smothered in her own home, sends ripples of disquiet through the streets of Argents-sur-Mer. Who would want to kill a gifted but troubled loner who’d fallen upon hard times?


A link with a cold case brings Margot into the investigation, and joining forces with Captain Bouchard of the Gendarmerie nationale their enquiries soon prove more revealing than anyone had expected. Could a coded diary help identify the killer? Does the solution lie with an elusive photographer who lives on the nearby étang? Or perhaps the truth can be found much closer to home, in a place few people would dare to look.


Ruffling feathers comes naturally to Margot, but no one is prepared for the dirty secret she’s about to uncover at the heart of the pretty seaside town. Not even a troublesome new houseguest can deflect Madame Renard from her task.

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